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Bark at the moon - Ozzy Osbourne Cherry bomb - The Runaways I hate myself for loving you - Joan Jett Mr Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne Mama im coming home - Ozzy Osbourne Elegi - Lars Winnerbäck Kom ihåg mig - Lars Winnerbäck Kom änglar - Lars Winnerbäck feat. Lisa Ekdahl Tvivel - Lars Winnerbäck feat. Lisa Ekdahl Gimme gimme - Steelheart We all die young - Steelheart Johnny B - The Hooters Boys of summer - The Hooters Love on top - Beyoncé Who you are - Jessie J Brush it off - Plan Three Triggers - Plan Three Crawling back to you - Daughtry Crazy bitch - Buckcherry Vermillion pt 2 - Slipknot True colours - Ane Brun You drive me wild - The Runaways Crazy train - Ozzy Osbourne Losing you - Dead by April What can I say - Dead by April Iris - Goo goo dolls Face down (acoustic) - Red jumpsuit apparatus Never enough - L.A Guns Something in your mouth - Nickelback Apologize - Pixie Lott Work - Jimmy eat world Love you til the end - The Pogues Seperate ways - Journey Bara ett litet urval. Over and out, Rockstar


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